Wine and Beats Collection One

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[tab title=”Lambrusco – Italy”]
Grapes: Lambrusco
If you love the bubbles this one is a no brainer. While all Lambrusco’s aren’t sparkling, most that you’ll see will. It’s the kind of wine new wine drinkers will love and long time wine lovers can appreciate more than a mass produced Champagne.

[tab title=”Pinot Noir – Argentina”]
Grapes: Pinot Noir

Everyone loves a good Pinot. This particular Pinot Noir is no excemption and wouldn’t mind a long stay in your fridge or cellar before being consumed. This is a wine that should be shared with friends, especially those who might know and/or appreciate a well made wine.


[tab title=”Occhipinti – Italy”]
Grapes: Aleatico

Named for the Italian actor Andrea Occhipinti this is just a great wine. There is a lot going on. It’s like a date who doesn’t talk your ear off on the first date, leaving lots to be discovered. It’s unclear at this time how well distributed this wine is but if you can find it, buy it.


[tab title=”White – South Africa”]
Grapes: Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc

This wine wants to be drank in Spring but should probably be saved for Summer. It’s a really great wine that gives a great since of the South African Region it’s from (Western Cape).


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[tab title=”Stevie Wonder”]

One of the lesser known album of non Stevie Wonder fans under the age of 30 (meaning you should know this album) this is a great wine to be enjoyed in the summer with the Bloeme White Wine directly to it’s right in the picture above. It’s not secret Stevie is one of the most prolific song writer’s of our time, this particular time around you’ll have feelings of flight and being free. Similar to the wine.

[tab title=”Zero 7″]
Old School – Occhipinti – Italy

Zero 7 is an amazing band who has been defying genres since their inception. Their sound is almost never confused with any other band and yet many have been influenced by their brand of electric soul. Similar to the Occhipinti, it’s hard to place at first. It doesn’t fit into one category and that’s how we like it.


[tab title=”Aretha Franklin”]
New School – Pinot Noir – Argentina

As with all classics Aretha is to be enjoyed not critiqued. This live album was recorded at the legendary Fillmore Auditorium in the Fillmore District of San Francisco, California. It’s classic and will impress lovers of any genre, as will the wine.


[tab title=”Conan ‘CoCo’ O’brian”]
Old School – Lambrusco – Italy

Quirky! This description of Conan is underwhelming but accurate. The red headed one himself has been known to enjoy quite a few glasses of wine and we think he’ll appreciate being paired with a sparkly red with a great history always enjoyed by people of all walks.



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