Label Art: Droppin' the F Bomb

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Found this one at Piranha Killer Sushi in Austin, Texas. Seeing F Bomb on the menu is a sure way to get me to order your wine, as I’m sure it is for many others, but it’s the label that won me over. In a conversation with our wonderful hosts for time spent in Austin, we talked over the importance of labels. Education and tasting help you to decide what you like but when you’re shopping blind, it’s all about price point, varietal (kind of wine) and most importantly, the label.

F Bomb - Wine Beats Life

Here’s what the winery has to say about this one.

The majority of fruit—89% Grenache , 6% Barbera, 5% Lagrein—was sourced from vineyards in Santa Barbara County.

“The unique, transverse nature of the valleys of Santa Barbara Wine Country provides a patchwork quilt of microclimates and terrains, resulting in one of the most diverse grape growing regions in the country. The valleys in the Pacific coastline actually run east-west rather than north-south, and both the coastal Santa Ynez Mountain range and the more interior San Rafael range are transverse too. Because of this geologic oddity, the ocean breezes sweep eastward, channeled by the hills and mountains that ring the region. Heading east into the foothills, the temperatures are warm during the day and very cool during the night, whereas the vineyards that lie westward toward the ocean enjoy a mild and moderate climate. Coupled with soils that run the gamut from ancient beach and diatomaceous earth to chert and limestone, this is a near-perfect place for a wide variety of wine grape varieties.

The 2012 vintage has notes of fresh cracked black pepper, white flowers and cigar box followed by a deep and brooding core of blackberry jam, ripe strawberry and velvety textures with purity, concentration and a long, seamless finish.

A total of only 1,400 cases was produced of this Small Batch Series – Volume 1 by winemaker Charles Hendricks.”

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